Friday, 8 April 2011


I have mentioned my blog entry Limits before but at the time of the post had never really experienced exactly what a limit was. No, that is not right, I had experienced a limit but never pushed beyond it!

Fast forward to this evening and I received an email from a very respected running buddy of mine who was concerned about their running ability and needed to push past Mile W! Mile W is the dreaded one that is between you and the Wall, this is where they were on the cusp of going past their current limit. I responded as I do with encouragement but when I re-read it I realised that the last sentence was a little philosophical:

No way have you reached your limit...there are no limits. The only limits are the ones that your mind sets for you.

and then I have come to realise that it is almost a year ago, just after my first Crawley challenge, that I mentioned the saying Je pense, donc je suis (dualism where it is said mental events cause physical events), something must have rubbed off on me.

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  1. When I went into Tescos yesterday the lady said the BOGOFs were strictly limited to 3 per customer. I said is that a dualistic interpretation and she said she didn't know, she would have to speak with her manager.