Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Road Running

It has only just occurred to me that of the 22 ultras and 2 marathons I have run in the last 2 ½ years, I have only run one which was on a road! Every run has been a trail run (which had roads for part of it) and I love the complete freedom it represents.

With this thought I am now beginning to feel a little uneasy about running 52.4 miles on tarmac in London and also the fact I am traipsing the route of the London Marathon!

In 1984 when seeing runners collapsing left, right and centre in Bird Cage Walk, London and then seeing two runners being frog-marched in the last half mile I vowed I would never run the London Marathon ,27 years on I find myself do exactly that but have not broken that promise as it will not be the "real" run.

I know there will be a question now as to why I will not run it and it is very simple, whilst in the Police Service in the late 80's and 90's I was attacked by a group of people in a house and was trapped in there for over 10 minutes whilst I fought them but was quite seriously hurt as result. Since that time I have had a terrible fear of crowds and will have severe panic attacks when I feel there is no place to escape, the London Marathon is my idea of absolute Hell!

You will see now why I like the trails and the freedom they represent and why a small field of runners is my preference.

So to the roads, the smooth, hard roads of London, I am sure my legs will be fine but I bet they will be like mildly tenderised meat by the end of 52.4 miles, I just wonder what David's will be like after 104.8!


  1. Jerry stay light and on your forefoot and you should be ok.
    Like you most of my runs are on trails and have and never will run the London marathon or any big city marathon.


  2. Thanks Dave good advice, I still find it amazing that of all the miles I run on trail, with all those trip hazards I have only tripped or fallen whilst road running!

  3. Interesting post. I have found that in the morning on the train I actually read the blogs I follow before the paper, just seems more interesting reading about real people than all the same old stuff in the papers.

    Did you see the evening paper article last night about an ultrarunner who was running marathon route twice the night before. I thought well I know a guy who is running it twice and running home after. I have the paper at home if you did not read it.