Sunday, 10 April 2011


Every UK running forum, race report and blog is heralding the sunshine and warmth why should mine be any different.

When I got back from my morning run today I decided to get my SolarMonkey and SolarNut out to see if I could charge my partly discharged (30%) Garmin 305 and may I say I was pretty pleased with the results as within 30 minutes it informed me it was complete! I have left the SolarNut and SolarMonkey in the garden so that I can get the SolarMonkey fully charged ready for next time, pretty impressive stuff.


  1. My garmin would not charge from the electrical outlet in 30min!
    How portable are those chargers? I am looking for a solar charger for our summer 3 week hike in the Sierra Mountains.

  2. Hi Ewa, the SolarMonkey is designed to flip open and with the use of velcro straps hang off the back of a rucksack and about the size of an iPhone. It is a trickle charge device so you can use your Garmin by day and charge the Nut up during the day the charge the watch from it at night. It can charge a quarter of standard mobile phone power or at least 15 minutes of talktime. The trick is to have more than one SolarNut.

  3. Thanks, Jerry. I just checked, they have monkeys in the States. I'll be checking them out.