Thursday, 28 April 2011


Big day on Friday with quite a lot going on in my running world; I will be up at ~5.00am in view of meeting up with George at 6.00am for a 3 hour run. The run is as usual unplanned but I guess we will run out for 1:30 hours and then turn around and come back to the start.

The reason I have to be back in the area by 9.00am is because my running club is holding its annual 10km road race for members only and it promises to be a very competitive event as there are some very good runners who have recently joined and it could be all "push and elbows".

As I am in the last throws of my training plans for the Grand Union Canal Run I don't trust myself in races like this as I will race them...not win but will race and that is where I may get an injury. So I volunteered as a helper for the event and have been given the job of Timer setting them off and then writing up positions for scoring. I am looking forward to it but it is a bit stressful getting it all correct as it is a prize winning event...bring it on.

So food box packed, homemade sports drinks ready, warm clothes and OMM smock packed ready for the off.

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