Tuesday, 5 April 2011

An unexpected casualty

Recovery is going well and I have been happily walking to and from the station on Monday and Tuesday with little aches and pains. I have to say though that when I rushed up the stairs to the office this morning my legs felt very weak and grumbly but after a while everything returned to normal.

I got homeand pulled off my shoes and socks and was "fiddling" with my big toe noticing the nail was a little tender to tuch so, as one does, I gave it a little tug to see if it was OK when it went POP and that was it my toenail was fluid filled (no blood to make it blackened) and it had burst.

What to do? Well there is nothing to do apart from keeping it clean and dry so have taped it up and await the wet nail bed to harden and I will have to let it fall off naturally. Losing the big toenail is always a bloody nuisance as they take so long to grow back

....oh well, the trials and tribulations of long distance runner

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