Monday, 18 April 2011

Why do you never get injured?

That is a classic question I get asked on a regular basis, it joins the other one that long distance runners are asked on a weekly basis of "Doesn't it hurt your knees?"

Let's forget the second question for the moment and let me focus on the subject of this post.

Why do you never get injured Jerry?
The simple answer Dear Reader is I do get injured you just have to click the label on the right of this page and you will see Injury appears over 20 times! The common theme is injuries to my feet the very thing that keeps me going, these injuries are normally where I have stumped a toe, whacked a metatarsal or yanked a tendon on a run.

I was asked this very question last week on a Sunday morning run when I saw a friend yanking and stretching his knackered achilles tendon and I blurted out that I was continually training and a large number of injuries are caused unnecessarily by ill-informed 12 week marathon programmes or people so fixated on "The Plan" that they don't listen to their bodies. There is a fixation about getting a PB when indeed there should be a concentration of getting to the start of the race fully prepared and not carrying an injury. Not every run is a race.

I will probably make some people's blood boil writing this but I will say I have been very lucky considering the number of miles I run and the trips and stumbles I have had.

So why do I get injured Jerry?
Is the follow up question; well this is a very difficult question and I am sure the are many physiotherapist out there who will give you a much more authorative answer as there are so many reasons. It can body build, your genetics and sometimes just the way you run. Sit back one day in the park and watch the runners go by noticing that there are as many running styles as there are people, now go to the London Marathon, note the elite runners and how they all seem to run in the same style, is this the secret?

Then look at me and my bizarre running style, feet hardly lift off the ground, power coming from the calves, a ridgedly straight back and stomach stickng out. No way have I the perfect running style but it works for my body type and running style.

I think the simplest answer so far is that I have been very lucky but my training has been a slow, steady progression of Easy and Tempo runs with the odd race to keep the spirit.

By the way I am carrying an injury at the moment! I have a swollen foot from the weekend's 52 miler which has been caused by the pounding of the hard, cracked concrete pavements of Londinium...gggrrrrr

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  1. I always find that a post race cider or three lubricates the joints and porevents any potential injury.

    And....I have stopped stretching after a run altogether.