Thursday, 26 May 2011

All packed and ready

Paramilitary Rabbit?
Wow, what a whirlwind of an evening, the weather has been absolutely mad and after having such a dry period we had torrential rain with a shower of hail stones and muggins here didn't have a coat!

Packing got underway after I dried off, all the piles of kit were sifted, sorted and then piled into relevant "to pack" piles, checklists ...uummm.. checked, stuff sacks...uummm... stuffed and eventually everything was placed in two holdalls, one for the back of the van, the other for easy reach to allow me to get to my kit. I am telling you, it is a work of art with all my odds and sods in plastic lunch boxes and a biscuit tin for easy access.

Then came the issue of my socks, many a person has mocked me for my use of cheap socks but they work for me :-) The only problem was that I grabbed old and new in the sifting/sorting stage and founs a pair that must have been used by a paramilitary rabbit (possibly the one I conjured up on the Ridgeway last year) so I think it maybe time to get rid of that pair.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow Jerry! Hope you enjoy it and hope it is every thing you expected.