Monday, 2 May 2011

Are sandals the answer?

Today was a scheduled rest day from training and I was put on various household chores and garden duties.

After lunch I was asked to drive the family to the Bluewater shopping centre and was happy to oblige as I am not a great lover of gardening unless it involves power tools so I happily jumped into the car with them all. I have to admit I did have an ulterior motive to buy a couple of small pieces of kit for the Grand Union Canal Run ;-)

Whilst standing outside a clothes shop for my daughter to finish purchasing a skirt Mrs S came out and pointed to my feet and told me that my feet were "disgusting!" Looking down I realised that I was still wearing my open toed sandals from the garden and was displaying my battered and blackened toenails. My big toenail finally came off (with a little help) on Friday night and still looks a little manky. Whilst she was pointing at them a lady passed, looked in the direction of my feet and made a grimace of disgust!!!

So it looks like from now on I will have to wear shoes in fear that I will scare young children with my unsightly toes.

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