Monday, 30 May 2011

GUCR - Pre-race Report

Wow, this is going to be a long report and don't know where I can start

The night before the big race - Friday 27th May 2011

After an uneventful journey we arrived at Birmingham New Street station and made our way to our hotel with the help of a very friendly local who walked us most of the way!

After settling into our rooms at the Travelodge Central George and I couldn't wait to get out to look at the start and so we went a for a walk down to Gas Street to the canal where we decided to walk the first mile an interesting recce showing Birmingham's old and new face


Registration was back at our hotel in the foyer but before we got there we popped into O'Neills pub next door to see if other runners had arrived and were pleased to see a few faces that I recognised from the Facebook page that was set up after a brief chat we went to registration where I got my number and my GUCR 2011 t-shirt and sweat shirt. Registration was brilliant, I was to be runner #51 and there was much excitement amongst the competitors as we laughed and joked nervously about our plans and as planned a few of us decided to meet in the pub afterwards.

With that George and I took our kit to our rooms and then went out for our belly buster meal, purchase some last minute items from the supermarket and then met up with other runners in the pub for a couple of pints before retiring to our rooms ready for the big challenge the next day.

The Race start -Saturday 28th May 2011

Up bright and early after a disturbed night's sleep (after all we were in the middle of Birmingham's party district) I ate a large bowl of cereal and a banana before dressing, meeting George and checking out and making our way to the start. All around us were the remains of stag night revellers, early workers and lycra clad runners wandering slowly towards Gas Street. 
The sky was thankfully overcast but the wind was up and we were soon to shivering slightly, I am still unsure if this was nerves or the early morning cold!

Then at 5.55 am we were called to go down to the canalside where we were briefed about the race and a stark warning made about Ibuprofen
"Painkiller It may take the pain away but it won't take the killer"

and with that stark warning we started on a fantastic journey

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