Sunday, 15 May 2011

The last mile - Preparation begins

Yesterday's run is but a departed memory and I awoke this morning feeling brilliant almost to the point that I would like to go out for a run this evening just to settle the legs. I think in part this was because George and I took the run at a very sensible pace and to think I ran it with just a satsuma, half a chew bar and a carb gel (not really necessary but I took it on board in the mile 22)

The run now forgotten my mind is fixating on preparation and taking on board the discussions George and I have had in the last two weeks the spare room is being taken over for GUCR kit collection and prepping. With no long run this morning I did some chores and also popped out to the supermarket for a newspaper and whilst I was there bought a toothbrush for the princely 10 pence which I will have in my kit bag so I can freshen up in the evenings and morning then dispose of it when I do not need it; I have even purchased some antibacterial hand gel to clean up.

So this phase of the journey is all about kit preparation, map work and timing with George and I meeting up next week to discuss our goals and race needs


  1. Good luck with the race at the weekend Jerry. Hope it goes well for you! It's a mammoth undertaking, but you preparation looks to have been perfect. Enjoy it an looking forward to reading about it afterwards. Richard

  2. Thanks Richard, I am an avid follower of your blog and so pleased to see that you are recovering so well.

    I am looking forward to seeing your category change to recovery and training. Jerry

  3. Best of luck for this weekend please pass on my regards to George. Will you be posting updates on route?