Friday, 6 May 2011

Last Mile

I keep having to remind myself we only have three weeks to go and the mileage can drop off, training has been so intense in recent times that I have this horrible nagging that I am not doing enough which is totally irrational. You will have read between the lines and noted that I am feeling tired now and motivation is really hard so we are having to push ourselves out of the front door to run.

The last two Long runs are coming up and I am really looking forward to them, George and I will be meeting up with our buddy Michael, whom we ran with in the London to Brighton race in 2009 (57 miles) and then next week we have entered a local marathon (~26 miles) when we will be running with our good friends Clive, David and a lady called Valerie. Valerie wants to run a 4:30 race and I agreed to pace her and I hope that I don't disappoint her. The marathon will promise to be a great time as it is not every day that we run a long event with such a big group...that will be fun

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