Friday, 20 May 2011

Nervous as a kitten

It is ridiculous to think that with all this training on all surfaces from trail to road and to track that when I went out for my run this evening all I could think about was tripping over or twisting an ankle.

The paths in the nearby wood are as hard as iron at the moment due to the lack of rain and with it they are eroding quite quickly to expose old Silver Birch roots and ancient copsed trees so it was a matter of going very carefully. My run tonight was all about ticking over, easy, with a low heart rate and no stress so it was not a problem to duck and dive the hazards.

It is almost strange that I have run on mountain peaks, on trails awash with mud, forged rivers bursting their banks and also run these woods in hail, thunder and lightning but today I was like a nervous kitten. I was further dreading the next set of public roads, the scene of my mate George's twisted ankle and me having a nasty trip and scuffing my hip, knee and elbows on the terribly paved surface last year. Today was about getting there....carefully.

I have one more run to go, possibly Saturday, when I want to run 10 very easy miles on the safest, softest surface I can find...this kitten is very nervous of getting injured before next week

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  1. I know the feeling. I was very cautious in the run up to New York, just did not want to be fall over or catch a cold or something.

    The gods are with you, you will be fine.