Sunday, 1 May 2011

North Downs Way...

...on Labour Day.

It was with great trepidation today that we ventured out for our Sunday morning run with our worries about injury but we were pleasantly surprised.

It felt like coming back to an old friend when we plumped for the North Downs Way and ran from Knockholt Pound to Titsey Hill and back a beautiful 20 mile run in the warmth of a lovely Spring day. Yes, dear reader, 20 miles a few more than we had planned but the injuries seemed to melt away and we were able to plod out a consistent pace.

We are feeling really pleased now, very confident and ready for action on 28th May 2011 in Birmingham


  1. Jerry

    Really pleased it all seems to be coming together for you, notlong to go now.

    Looks like we could have a nice little group for the Marafun as Tom is also going to join us.

  2. MaraFun? Did you do this last year? hmmmmmm.....

    The world's crappest marathon up and down the A21???? But a mara is a mara?!

  3. I totally agree Rob but we wanted to close off our training with a fixed distance as the LOng training runs are getting a tad monotonous these days. This is a local run to my secondary club and it tends to have a "party" feel to it. This year there will be at least 5 of us running at a very comfortable pace and will give George and I the opportunity to run out in our full GUCR kit....and yes, it is a tad boring but there are lovely cakes at the end :-)