Sunday, 8 May 2011

Penultimate Run

What a great run today and being that it was one of the final long runs before the Grand Union we wanted to take in a reasonable long run but not to the point where we tired ourselves out. George gave the run requirements that "It must be longer than a marathon" and I was happy to oblige and as is usual these days there was no set route but the only plan was to run from our normal meeting point at 6.00 am and run to Michael's house to be there for 645 am.

After meeting Michael we were off into the countryside with the promise that at 10.00 am we would visit the cake shop in Downe, Kent for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. The run was full of conversation and banter as per usual with us running over familiar ground and at one point I realised we were running the almost exact route of the night run we did in January and was amazed how different it was after 2 months of no rain.

So at 9.45 am we arrived in Downe and although we were a bit early the lovely owner let us in and we were allowed to order our cake, George and I, Lemon Drizzle and Michael a massive chunk of Coffee cake. They chose tea and I coffee, sitting down outside we had a civilised few moments as we stuffed the gorgeous food into our mouths.

Refuelled we completed our run saying our farewells to Michael as we passed the bottom of his raod as George and I made our weary way home both very happy that we are nearing the end of this phase of training and feeling strong but confident.

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