Wednesday, 11 May 2011


After a great 28 mile run with Michael and George on Sunday I rested until Tuesday when I initially planned to run about 12 miles but there was a change in plans when I realised that the club runs were starting earlier this week due to the club AGM.

Due to these changes I decided to drive to the club and then just go for a 6-7 mile Easy run. However on finishing the run, attending the AGM and returning home my legs have done nothing but twitch especially in the outer calves and the quads which is driving me nuts.

I know I am tapering now and I have a marathon on Saturday coming but this is going to drive me crazy, my legs just feel like they are running...weird feeling!


  1. Looking forward to Saturday. I am hoping you will get me round in a PB.

  2. Hi Clive, of course....are we looking at 4:30 hours for this?