Monday, 23 May 2011

Take it easy

The initial plan today was to go for a nice gentle run on the running track but having gone out with the family for a  meal on Saturday night I awoke feeling sluggish and a little drained and the weather looked as unsettled as my stomac! The plan soon blew up in a puff of smoke and I returned to bed for an extra hour in bed...and I felt great for it.

When I did get up I mentioned to the delectable Mrs S if she wanted to go for a walk to which she readily agreed. She wanted to investigate a series of paths just outside Knockholt, Kent which I have run on numerous occasions with people and was happy to go along with her choice and so off we traipsed gently taking the hills , stopping to stroke a horse, feed it a handful of grass and enjoy the views across the valleys.

It then occurred to me that I have run those bridle ways, paths and roads but never actually noticed that they are really beautiful and as we thunder past we miss so many things. Sometimes it does pay to slow down.

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