Saturday, 14 May 2011

Tick Tock

Not a race report as such as this event was never classed as a race in our heads, this was about pacing comfortably and getting to the end in one piece.

The Orpington Mara-Fun has never been billed as a race but more a charity event and people respect that there will be no timers and results are done on a "trust" basis where the finisher fills in their own time on a chart at the end. My day didn't start at all well as I had a terrible problem with "The drainage in the lower field" and took imodium near the start in case I had problems later.

As I mentioned in the previous blog entry we were running with a number of people from our club who wanted to run at about 4:30-5:00 pace and so we all went out at 10 min/mile pace and tried to remain at that average pace throughout. The weather was warm but there was threat of rain later on in the day which did not appear but in fact got warmer! This run is quite a toughy as it goes up some very long and gradual hills which are leg sapping. The run is a two looper and there is a bitch of a hill at the 12.5 and 25.7 mile mark which just eats away at your legs.

We got through the run very happily (although my tummy upset didn't help as I was hurting a little at 24 miles) and we were really happy to see the time on our Garmins:


Which is an almost perfect 10 minute per mile pace with 35 seconds to spare!!!!!

Well done to Tom, Clive and David who did very impressive times also, we apologise for leaving in the depths of the second half but the legs were settled in and pacing out.


  1. Jerry you and George were looking very strong all that training really shows. Thanks for pacing. I got hit by cramps in my calf muscles at about 15 miles and thought I would be a DNF but I have always finished what I started and somehow got a PB so well pleased. Thanks again.

  2. Nice one Clive, the run up Sy Paul's Wood Hill will have not helped and then the flattish bit to Crofton will have definitely contributed to the cramps. Well done on a PB