Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Warm feeling

So it is Tuesday and physically I am feeling OK but last night did myself a mischief whilst playing on the Wii pulling my leg muscle a little, I am not too worried about it but it is an annoyance. 

I have been rushing about a bit getting the last few items of kit together today, you know the small stuff, wet wipes, packets of plasters and the like but just had one more thing to get. I had gone onto my running club forum and asked if anyone was willing to lend me their Garmin GPS watch and was really pleased when two offers were made. As this was my last chance to get it before Friday I drove down to my club house to arrive just before the first group of runners returned and was really pleased to see them all come trundling up the path with tired smiles on their faces.

I was then amazed by the warm reception I got and calls of "Good Luck Jerry" and then others coming over to chat about the weekend ahead, my plans and my training. A lot of these people I had never spoken too before but it obvious that they had been talking about me! 

I left about 20 minutes later feeling really excited about the weekend ahead, the fact that I had so many people looking out for me and willing to help in so many ways from lending a Garmin to apologising that they hadn't come to the track last weekend. Wow, thanks guys...this is when clubs really make the difference.

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