Saturday, 25 June 2011

2 + 2 = 5

I am off to Nottingham on Saturday to look at the university with my daughter as she wishes to study there in 2012 which requires an early start in the morning to undergo a 160 mile drive. We have scurried around tonight packing my backpack with sandwiches, bottles of water, snacks and chocolate for our journey.

During this evening I got an email from George enquiring about the plans for Sunday and whether we were running to which the obvious answer was "Yes" so decided that the best thing to do was potter about and get my running kit together as I would probably be too tired on Saturday evening after 320 miles of driving! 

I had forgotten that the Delicious Mrs S's Running RADAR is on full sweep after big events and had honed in on my this evening's "Kit Collection" activities. BOY, did I get it in the neck when she put 2 and 2 together making 5 as she thought that I was packing my kit so that I could go for a run whilst we were in Nottingham. :-)

BTW When I searched for 'Sheriff of Nottingham' in Google tonight I was offered a scantily clad and sexy Robin Hood blond lady so I thought it only right that I pointed out this bad taxonomy! (In joke)

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  1. how strange. I was in Nottingham on that very day cursing all of the traffic around the university (where I was attending a course). I had my running kit in the car too!