Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bull 5h1t

I thought I would add this as an addendum to my recent post Nash Hash due to my post run enigma!

After catching up on news from my chums I got in the car in view of going for my late night supplies at the supermarket (read as ciders for me and a Bacardi for the delectable Mrs S) but as soon as I got in the car I smelt the overpowering odour of cow poop but my shoes were dry and "poo-less."

I got to the supermarket and the smell of cow bottom  followed but by now I had a clean shirt and shoes on, my legs were dry and covered only in trail dust, my shorts clean.

To home and the smell permeated the air around me so stripping off I had my bath and I was soon to be crusty clean, the smell gone.

It remains a mystery as to where the smell came from but I must have stepped in one BIG pile somewhere along the trail...oh the trials and tribulations of a long distance runner :-)

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