Wednesday, 8 June 2011


That is how I feel like at the moment after having had to sit in on 5 hours of presentations in the centre of London whilst looking at the sunshine outside, to limp home on a packed train then miss out on running club due to my nagging ankle and knee.

I had just settled down to put some final comments on some marking when at 7.30pm there was a ring at the bell and there was my buddy Rob bedecked in club kit wanting to know if I wanted to run to the club and had to decline. It was then made worse about an hour later when the delightful Mrs S called up to tell me that a whole pack of runners had just trampled past our house waving happily as they passed....and I was forestalled sitting at my desk marking itching to get out there in the evening sunshine.

Now totally distracted and my concentration evaporated I went downstairs for a cuppa and walking in I whinged about my foot and said:
"Look, it is bloody frustrating, it bloody hurts but I can stand on my tiptoes, like so and......" with that my foot made an audible CLICK enough for Mrs S to grimace and I was amazed to find that some of the pain disappeared, a big grin appeared acroos my chops and then I was met with a wifely order:

"NO, you are not going to the running club" 

and there I was again forestalled and now thoroughly miserable.


  1. Hope that click did the trick and that you can get running real soon. Take care!

  2. Thanks Johann, I am not out of the woods yet but it has made a real difference to the foot but I will see how I feel tomorrow and possibly go for a trot around the park where the ground will be soft and I can rest where necessary