Thursday, 9 June 2011

Frosty Feet

I have been very aware of my foot and knee over the past couple of days making sure I didn't do anything silly and honestly thought I had got over the problem, especially in the foot department.

As everything was feeling fine I chose to take a short run to the park to meet my club friends for some speed work and if things got bad to pull off the gas and enjoy a little punt around the perimeter. So it went well, we had a nice warm up with a few exercises but when it came to paarflaut runs I chose to opt out as I didn't want to put pressure on any joint  where necessary. Running around gently watching the others going through their paces my foot began to hurt enough for me to pull up and call it a day at the park and bid my farewells.

So on getting home and running about 6-7 miles I chose to dunk my foot in a bucket of ice.......WWOOOO that was painful but incredibly has made a lot of difference to my foot, let's hope it starts to work.

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