Saturday, 18 June 2011

Getting the mojo back

I am still finding it difficult to get the motivation to get running again properly after such a hectic training calendar in the first part of this year. George, my long run training buddy is taking it easy at the moment after his epic efforts at GUCR but I am mindful that I want to get going again, training partner or not I want to get going again as I have a few challenges in the pipeline.

I am very keen to get out on Sunday with some friends from the club and it looks like we are meeting up at our usual place to then drive out to a small village about 6 miles away to run on the North Downs. I am keen to run down to the location of a decommissioned railway station and the associated line that is now a footpath at Chevening Halt. 

Apparently the line was closed 50 years ago in October 1961 but is still a very good cut through to the main footpaths in the area.I'll see what the others say but it looks to be a different run for a change.

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