Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Grinding to a halt .....the reason

Sick as a dog
After reporting about by horrendous run out with the club last night after Grinding to a halt the reason soon came apparent, I had food poisoning!

Even running to the club, I felt fine if not a little tired but things were obviously not at all fine for when I slowly trotted back my house I was soon to be seen making frequent trips to the toilet and then finally vomiting. The vomiting and trips to the loo continued throughout the night and I was feeling absolutely rotten by the morning....time for bed and some TLC, the next time I looked at the clock it was 5.00pm!!!

Knowing these bugs suck the sap out of you it looks like my return to 50 mile weeks is on hold...yet again


  1. Sorry to hear about your food poisoning. I also had a horrendous run on Tuesday night. After about a mile I had no energy and felt terrible and had to stop. I think it was a combination of not eating properly during the day and it being very humid. Thankfully no food poisoning for me, though.

  2. Hope you are feeling better already. Stomach bugs drain me completely. All the best!

  3. Thanks Shelfy and Johann, I am up and about today but I really feel as though the stuffing has been kicked out of me so have taken another day off work. I should be OK for tomorrow though

  4. get well soon. You'll be out on the trails soon.

  5. Cool picture. But what is that dog really going?