Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Hippy Father's Day

No Dear Reader, not a spelling mistake but a really strange meeting of a bunch of 21st Century Hippies in the middle of no where!!!

Whilst out on our run this morning just outside Shoreham, Kent (after taking a small cartographical error) we found ourselves hunting around looking for a path through to the said village. Richard took the lead and went on to take us on a slight detour as he was sure it was near our current location and directed us through an open gate into a secluded field and we were taken aback by the sights before us. There in front of us was a group of semi-naked men and women, some covered in towels, standing unabashed by our sudden presence,  in the centre of the group of tents was a yurt and an "alter" of flowers by a tree. One man was holding a challice like bowl  with smoke coming out of it and was moving towards the stream with it (presumably to throw the contents away)

After shouting out if they knew where the path was to Shoreham and met with a unearthly and vacant stare from the group Richard got in conversation with "Mr Challice" who was gesticulating wildly and rambling on about this and that we all extricated ourselves from the field in howls of laughter. We ran on to then see a quad bike hitched to a trailer with hippy standing on the back, surfing!

Just one of the bizarre sights we see on our runs but today's meeting was just plain weird :-)

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