Thursday, 9 June 2011

Itch Scratch

I am still mindful of Duncan's comment from Sunday when he pointed out sporadic patches of stinging nettles " I can't believe as runners we run through these things but as walkers we avoid them" and what he said holds so true.

I often laugh inwardly as I peg off down a pathway and dip and duck around nettles in the vain hope that the faster I go the less likely it will sting me, a completely irrational thought as they are in fact just defensive hairs that release three chemicals - a histamine to irritate the skin, acetylcholine to bring on a burning sensation and hydroxytryptamine to encourage the other two chemicals. Three days after this run and my legs are still itching, especially around the ankle.

Every year I talk about nettle stings and this year I really want to find a way of getting around this problem of itching for days after, I suppose anti-histamines are the solution but I wish I could find a non-medicinal solution to the problem


  1. In the old days they believed (maybe rightly so) that stinging nettles cured and/or prevented arthritis.
    Stinging nettle tea is supposed to be good for you also.

    Be glad you don't have poison ivy or poison oak. These are nasty. Here, in the States one can buy pre-poison oak wipes. I can't vouch for their effectiveness since I seem to be immune. Maybe they have something similar in Europe. It's worth a try.