Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Nash Hash

I jumped the fence tonight and joined my friends from my other club for a lovely ~10mile trail/XCR run from their meeting point "Under the Lamp Post". It was the first time I had met up with George since the GUCR and also the first time to see some buddies such as Kevin, David  and Michael to catch up on news.

Michael took lead on this run and considering I have not run properly for a week or so found it quite tough and was soon puffing like an old steam train when we reached the hillier sections taking me about 7 miles to actually feel comfortable!!

I did take the steeper hills at a walk as tonight's run was about getting through in one piece and to test my recovering knee and ankle which appeared to stand up to the task well, so I am very happy. Rest tomorrow with a punt out on Thursday I suspect.

Nice one Michael, good run

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