Monday, 13 June 2011

Next event

The "Wedding Cake" in Croydon
town centre
The recovery from the Grand Union Canal Race, the general "wear and tear" injuries from it and the lack of running after it have got me down a bit. I say down, in fact I feel quite miserable at the moment but I suppose if I am really truthful, this is how I have felt on a number of occasions after my longer runs.

I awoke yesterday at about 9.00am after rolling over ignoring the alarm at 7.00am realising that that was the end of my running "window of opportunity" so stayed in bed for another hour.....lovely!

Then today I realised that it is not very long before my next event which I entered last week to give me something to aim for in the short term so to keep the legs moving  and my motivation up. I have entered the Croydon 30 mile race which is  mixture of mainly road and some off road (minimal) on 10th July. What is so fascinating about this run is the course takes me 2 roads up from my parent's house and then later on, the road just up from where I was born, then much later on past my first long-term girlfriend's home and many other little gems along the Memory Lane of my childhood and early teenage years.

The event is on road, self-navigating with some seriously hilly sections in the first 10 miles levelling out to undulating in the latter section so may see if I can get a nice time for this one but only if the knee holds out. This promises to be a very low key event, the ones I always enjoy with no pressure.

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  1. This sounds good! I always have long and short term goals lined up to keep me going.