Monday, 6 June 2011

Oh why did I run?

It was a great run today and the only reason I went was because my ankle and knee were not giving me any discomfort, well the knee was all right but the ankle was twinging slightly.

The route we took was along a permissive path that had not been walked on for some time looking at its condition and our guidance was in some parts along trails made by animals, this was tough under foot next to fields which had churned up pieces of flint.

After about 9 miles I felt my right knee start hurting and my foot also which steadily got worse with the coming miles until I found that running up hills was getting quite painful. Some will say I am foolish to run so soon after my 91 mile GUCR attempt but I felt OK to run today, just ended badly.
This afternoon was spent with ice packs on my various hurts and my leg being raised up, it is time to listen and have a rest from running for a bit until they settle down.


  1. Jerry

    I am having a little rest for a month or so and I can really feel my body getting stronger, so I am sure a little rest will also do you good.

  2. Rest up Jezza you crazy man. Remember when straight after L2B you carried on and tried some 50miler, you got slightly injured. You have been training really hard, and just run 91miles (that is a fooking long way), so please, please take it easy for a while, your body will thank you.