Sunday, 12 June 2011

Old, new shoes

I am pleased to report that my knee and foot seem to be holding out well at the moment and so I plan to pop out for a trail run on Sunday to test them out. I am not too confident that they are totally recovered so will try and stay local around the woods and trails.

Another theory I have is it is my beaten up Mizunos that are causing some of the problem as they seem to be tight around the main area where the injury is. Now this may be because it is swollen down there or the shoes are damaged in some way. I have therefore decided to wear my old Nike Pegasus shoes which have been out of use for about 6 months but have a little more room in the aft section. The only problem is I didn't clean them up after the last run which was obviously very muddy as it took me absolutely ages clearing of the fossilised mud and clear out the spiders!!!

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