Friday, 24 June 2011

Rainbow Running

I had a bit of a manic day today with a lot of things to take on board including colleagues who I have known for ten years being made redundant , time to clear the head and go for a run. So this evening I decided to trot off for a speed session at the club and after a very sweaty run I arrived ready for some reps and was not to be disappointed.

Richard had set up some great warm up routines and then had us doing 400/100 metre reps which soon had the lactic acid building up and burning our leg muscles; as the pain built up and my lungs started aching the sun started to shine and there in the East was a beautiful rainbow.

I have learnt from my long distance stuff that when the going gets tough to use distraction techniques and the rainbow was perfect distraction as  "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain." became my running metronomic response, each vowel a footstep.

With that a warm down and I left to run the last few miles through the woods back home feeling pleased that I had got off the sofa.

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