Sunday, 26 June 2011

Solar System in the Sun!

WOW, what a cracking run this morning with Michael and George starting in Shoreham, Kent. After some bizarre emails between the thre of us where George made a claim for a run over 13.5 miles and then me making a claim for 16.4 to 22 miles, Michael decided we would run 20 miles and that I was to find a route! It was going to be a tough one as the plan was to start running by 6.45 am as the weather promised to be hot and we were not to be disappointed however the main carparks in the area do not open until 7.00am so I dropped the car off the escarpment to Shoreham where one is open 24 hours (Plus it meant we didn't have to finish on a hill ;) )

The scenery was wonderful today with low clouds caused by the horrendously humid air and it was not possible to see the sky and the grass damp with morning dew causing our shoes and socks to soon be sodden and our clothes to be wringing wet.

To tell you the truth I had not really planned a route today but had a rough idea where I wanted to go taking the reverse route from last week near the hippies and then move off to various parts making the route up between us as the run went on. I love there "exploratory" runs as again we discovered new connecting paths and today we found ourselves on a path stating "PLUTO" Solar System Model and after a little internest searching have identified that in fact there local Parish Council have built a 1:4,595,700,000 scale model of the Solar System in the surrounding area and we happened to pass Pluto, Uranus and Neptune on our run (They are indeed little concrete posts so would be forgiven if you missed them)

After about 17 miles we were all feeling the heat of the run which was by now about 26 C, the humidity high, the early mist burnt away to show a cloudless blue sky and I was relieved when Michael mentioned he had £2 on him and he bought me an ice cold orange drink from a nearby shop which hit the spot.

A great run today which firmly put George and I back into the training cycle as we topped our first 20 mile (32 km) trail run but we still have a lot of recovery to do but I feel it is coming.

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