Monday, 6 June 2011

This has to be explored!

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The dangers of recovering (read as injured) is picking up a map, laying it out on the floor and working out anything that needs exploring or can be used as a focus for a long run....well this happened this evening and after a flurry of web searching, scouring National Monument Records and geographical sites I have finally found an excellent candidate for a good longish run that takes us to a univallated hill fort not too far away.

I mocked up the image above to show the outline of the fort and surrounding woods, and would expect us to come in from the trackway at the bottom left of the picture. Any takers?


  1. Dave, I am looking at the routes to this, it is an Iron Age hillfort situated just south of Westerham in Kent and smack bang in a nexus of footpaths including Vanguard, Greensands and North Down's Ways so it can be as long or as short as we like. As these explorations involve maps and chatting 20-25km is normally a good distance. Let me see what the other guys want to do but let us do it some time in June....I am hoping Clive and a few others may want an early Sunday run as well ;-)