Saturday, 2 July 2011

Back on Track

I awake this morning feeling much better with only one aborted run to the loo last night which was thankfully a false alarm. Alas, I find myself in charge today as the Delightful Mrs S looks miserable in the bed for she has now caught the bug but her symptoms are not bad at the moment, I will assume the worst. Knowing there is not much I can do but provide fluids and her the opportunity to rest, I will leave her to it for the time being.

Sunday bodes well as I will be assisting in the Orpington Road Runners as a Marshall in their annual 10km trail race, one I have only run whilst training but it will be good to see my friends from my main club run thunder through.

I hope to meet up with George (and Michael if he is willing) to get in a 10-12 mile slog in before the 9.00am briefing and then make up the miles running to and from my marshalling point so should get in about 20 miles tomorrow but the promise of bacon rolls and coffee at the briefing sounds to good to be true :-)

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