Friday, 8 July 2011

Be thankful for 8 year olds

Now I know what you are going to ask me Dear Reader, "What has the subject line got to do with running?" 

Fear not, it should read "Be thankful of 8 year olds and their birthdays" for whilst I was out on my run this evening thanking my lucky stars I hadn't injured myself my mind went towards my good pal Duncan whose home was just a few yards off my route home so I decided to see if he was in and to say hello. Mindful of his young family I looked through the front window first to see one of his kids bouncing off a sofa so thought it safe to knock!

With the normal gathering and throng of 4 kids and 2 adults in the hall I was invited in and soon became aware that it was somebody's 8th Birthday and was honoured to be presented with a HUGE chunk of chocolate cake, I say huge because it could have fed a small family for a week! I have to say that cake was absolutely wonderful and was really happy that a fine young lad was mindful of my visit and offered me some and to help celebrate his momentous day and I was soon seen scoffing said cake.

Bidding my farewells and to leave Duncan and Dee to the delights of a fourfold bedtime experience I ambled off now with enough calories to feel guilty that I better not go straight home but via the longer route to burn off some of that delicious cake.

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  1. It is always good to see you at our front door any time of the day or night!