Thursday, 7 July 2011

Croydon Ultra...mine's a pint!

The inaugural Croydon 30 mile Ultra is this coming Sunday and today the route instructions came through by email and i have spent a little time this evening going over the map. This looks like a cheeky little number with runners travelling South out of the suburbs into the countryside with some nasty climbs to return northwards up into the inner city areas crossing some major roads along the way.

I am trying hard to memorise the route to limit the number of times I have to slow down to read the instructions which are quite vague but as they are urban roads should be reasonably OK to follow but because of this doubt I am tempted to take a map which will be easier to cope with.
What I love about these instructions is how quintessentially English they are when it comes to road turns as it relies on pubs:
  • "At the White Bear (Aid Station 7.5miles) you take the left into ..." or,
  • "Run up to the Shirley Inn pub and cross the road at the zebra crossing."
But to rub salt into my wounds they have an checkpoint at, yes you've got it, a PUB!!! Sadly it will be closed when I go past it at 9.00am in the morning :-(


  1. Probably a good thing that they will be closed. On the other hand, I've never felt like drinking any alcohol beverage during or after a run. Even beer don't appeal to me after a run.

  2. On one of the night runs we did earlier this year we popped in for a half pint of ale (not fizzy) at the halfway point and I was pleasantly surprised but I agree I would not normally drink on or after a long run. I am still amazed that one bloke downed two pints and carried on the night run which I personally think was a little dangerous considering the terrain we were going over in the DARK!!!!