Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Flame On

I had an early start in the office today which saw me ducking into the local coffee shop for a take away beforehand for a day of quiet analysis time, documenting my findings with two conference calls in between to reinforce the findings. I had commandeered a small office, the whiteboard soon filled with actions and the black coffee flowed.....

Time to depart and I was seen whizzing off to the station with the thought that I would be away from the cars soon running with my buddies from the club...I have a feeling the coffee was working still because no sooner had I arrived home it seemed I was in my kit and out of the door. The vague plan was to take a gentle 3 mile run to the club, then run circa 6-7 miles and then come home via the didn't seem to go as expected for when I looked down at my watch on the way I found I was running at 8 mph (13kph) and on my arrival I was raring to go all initial thoughts of a slow run out of the window ready for a reasonable run out along a set piece 10km...I was soon to realise I was in a rather extrovert mood as I took the mickey out of my fellow runners as they did me.

My legs felt good, my heart rate comfortable and I was happily chatting at the pack when I was called off the pace and told to review the pace without realising it all the training seemed to have payed off......FLAME ON.

Jumping off the front I decided to chat in the middle of the pack having fun calling out irritating anecdotes such "This is supposed to be a running club.....not a walking club!" or "Continual Forward Motion" All with a cheeky grin and a wink :-)

The run home was supposed to be a gentle trot but looking down at my Garmin again my pace was ticking over arriving home with a good feeling. I just hope the over-decaffeinated day was not the reason for my unusually good performance tonight but just for once it was great to feel that the training was paying off and I was back from recovering from the various ultras I have been on recently.


  1. I know that feeling and it is great. I don't experience it as often as I would like but when I do I'm always very happy. I'm sure all your training is paying off.

  2. Nice work Jezza. Really great when the pace comes easily, just wish we could work out how to do it on all our runs. Running nirvana.