Thursday, 14 July 2011

Geeky Stats

After a grumble and mumble about my Mizunos at the beginning of June after my feet were wrecked at GUCR I vowed to search for a new shoe that would help me through the longer races and have decided it is just not as easy as it seems. After many a conversation about the subject I have concluded that over the period of 4 years your preferred shoe model will change in design so significantly that it possibly doesn't really matter what shoe you choose as long as it feels comfortable.

I currently wear the Mizuno Waverider 14 shoe and my most recent pair hold the following statistics:

Total Distance 598.2 miles
Number of Runs 38
Average Distance per run 15.74 miles
No.of Marathons 1
No of Ultras 5
Price per mile £0.12

The upshot of this tale is I was checking through my Twitter feed last night and saw that a well known shoe emporium had  my shoes and they were offering free postage and amazinglly were offering them at £35.00 cheaper than normal. I am happy to say that I have bought them and made a brilliant saving of £38.99.

They will not replace my current ones for the time being but it was an opportunity not to be missed.


  1. I've been going through the shoe thing myself after ending with a fractured toe at the Comrades Marathon this year. So far I'm staying with my trusted brands. I have not been able to find anything as comfortable.

  2. You toe problem sounded horrible Johann, how is is coming along?