Saturday, 16 July 2011

Herding Cats

That is how I felt like this evening when trying to see if George and Michael were running tomorrow! We had sent emails, some of crossed, telephoned, left messages on said phones, returned calls to find we were out and then to find the line was engaged, I think we are all a little too busy sometimes.

Finally getting through to George it was soon obvious that we all have no specific running goals at the moment so long runs are a little vague and this evening's great quote after asking George how far he wanted to go was answered with "Well you know me, anything between 10 and 50 miles"  Jeezz that narrowed it down then :-) 

Michael on the otherhand was a little bit more stoical after his tales on sinusitis and shivers deciding that he wanted to run for about 2 hours. So it looks like we will run to Michael's house tomorrow and do some short loops near to our houses, I hope so as I am feeling a little tired in the leg department at the moment.

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