Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I am trying to keep this one quiet

The facts
  1. This time I even booked the race whilst Mrs S was in the room.
  2. Mrs S could see me tapping away at the laptop with credit card next to me.
  3. She is still looking at me suspiciously whilst I smile to myself.
  4. I am sober.
  5. The money came from my own account 
Yes Dear Reader I have just entered the next BIG race for 2012 and my training will continue as it is at the moment and give me the opportunity to really crank up those miles...I am being a  little coy as to where, when and how far but I promise you it is going to a brilliant run and I honestly can't wait. Keep watching this space as and when confirmation arrives from the organisers.


    1. If the picture is a clue then I might be doing this race as well. Assuming that I have guessed what race it is correctly from the photo!!.

    2. ...and what race do you think it is then >:-)