Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Keeping it going

Big mileage in the last 3 days, 43 miles to be precise and I am surprised to say that in the last mile I was on fire and was seen sprinting off at the front of the pack for the obligatory race back to the club house. However little did the guys know the real reason I was pacing out....I was desperate for the toilet and had to get there quickly however I had to stop to walk the last 100 yards as it was uncomfortable! Suitably refreshed I rejoined the others at the  club house for the obligatory post run banter and discussions and went home via the woods at a much reduced pace.

Although I feel pretty good generally I think it is definitely time to retire my shoes which have done an incredible 648 miles and I have begun to note that my feet feel bruised and sore at the end of a run and a tendon in my right foot is tendor and slightly swollen in the ankle area. The shoes have worn through to the foam in areas so I think they are telling me something, not bad for 12 weeks though!

I think I will rest on Wednesday night and get some chores done at home, feet up and then get out for some big miles for the rest of the week

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  1. Great mileage! That is a sure sign to get new shoes. I also run mine until they really can't do more.