Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lavendar fields

Due to various domestic reasons I was unable to do my long run this morning so arranged with some members of the running club to come out on one of my favourite 10 mile downland routes. I particularly like this route during this time of year as the lavendar crops are in full bloom and the area of Shoreham, Kent is bathed in purple and the air heavy with the scent of this beautiful flower.
In a way it is sad that the famous hop fields of Kent are being replaced by lavendar (for the beauty trade) but at this time of year the farmers are forgiven as I selfishly enjoy the views.

I had a great time with Sabina and Duncan seeing us take on a 20% and 40% incline that had our lungs burning and the sweat pouring off our brows with the reward of outstanding views across the valley. I think we were all pleased with the distance as it gave us a chance to get some speed in and at the same time get some hill training in. That was my first run of the day and will venture out this evening for a flatter run in the woods

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