Friday, 15 July 2011


OUCH....that hurt!

No Dear Reader, not an injury but an insect attack, well I say insect attack, more a collision. The plan tonight was to get out into the open air and run a good 12 miles, nice and steadily, around the local woods and nature reserve then duck into some fields and through some woodland to switch back to home. As you can see the route took in a lot of woodland trail as I just wanted to get away from humanity for a hour or so. Little did I know that by avoiding humans I was going to come across dragonflies!

The weather this evening was very humid and quite warm which must have been the signal for a large number of dragonflies to appear around the local woodland rivers and ponds. As I ran alongside the river I was mesmerised by a number of them darting and skittering through the air around me when one took a sharp turn and bounced into my arm, it gave me quite a start enough for me to mutter an "OW"

Incredibly beautiful creatures and I have this strange feeling that this was probably a one off opportunity to see them this evening for tomorrow they will have gone...

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  1. I love encounters like this! As you say, you will probably not get the experience again soon.