Monday, 18 July 2011

Plans for the future!

Note the checkpoint is in the
middle of a lake
As some of my most Dearest Readers will know I went to Canada last year with the family to celebrate the Sensational Mrs S's 21st birthday and had a brilliant time seeing a beautiful country with such wonderful people. Now it is my turn and my BIG 21st birthday will be in 2015.

Now some would say that 2015 is a long way away but I have learnt that I must plan for the future especially when it comes to ultramarathons especially if they are in far flung countries. My big wish is to visit Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice, my dream to travel over a lava field whilst seeing glacier flowing from a  mountain is very strong!

So tonight I had the opportunity to do a little research and visited the Iceland Ultra website and when asked what I was up to by Mrs S I was amazed by her reaction. I am normally met with a tut or a growl when I mention a plan but tonight it was generally OK so pulling myself off the floor I think I have the makings of a plan...WOW, ice and now running :-)


  1. now you are talking...pity it is only 55k tho' :(

  2. It is a pity about the distance but the terrain is incredible with ascents that will make your hair stand on end. There is a 500 m rise in the first 10 km!