Sunday, 3 July 2011

Running the Gauntlet

After a cracking 16 mile run part way with Michael and George early this morning I was seen to enter one of the local schools for a briefing for my marshaling duties at the Orpington Road Runners annual 10km races. I was not at all happy about doing the marshaling job mainly because I was informed that I would be looking after a very busy road crossing, road crossing means "Getting abuse shouted at you from detained drivers". I was told that the other gentleman, Toby, and myself would be accompanied by the Police who would be assisting us.
So after the briefing I approached a Police Officer asking her who would be accompanying us today to which the answer was:

"We have been ordered by our Chief Inspector that we have to remain in the school fields as the Police Community Support Officers have not been trained in traffic control!!!" 

I just scoffed at this as we as civilians were not trained in the traffic management either but we were doing it. I felt sorry for the Police Officer as she looked as frustrated as we did to have such a derisory group of people such as PCSOs who were not sufficiently trained to do a job with her. Asked if they were to be present to prevent a breach of the peace we were again soon to be let down.

I find it absolutely amazing that we as UK Tax payers have to pay for such a useless service as the PCSO who just seem to be uniform carriers, I would rather have three less of them to pay for a full blown Police Constable who are at least trained and have the relevant powers to sort problems out.

As for the marshaling, it went OK but I have a feeling it was me who was doing most of the swearing as car drivers tried to intimidate me and stop within inches of my legs, peep their horns or shout abuse through closed windows. I am proud to report that there were no runners injured and a few drivers were taught a few more Middle English terms that they may have never heard of before by yours truelly :-) 

Good running day to day with 23 miles covered

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  1. great stuff Jezza and good to give back to the running community. Without marshalls our life would be that bit harder in the main. Car drivers are not always runners......ditch the 4x4 for a pair of trail shoes I say!