Saturday, 2 July 2011

Running in Code

I had to laugh this afternoon when I received and made a series of emails and phone calls to organise the all important Sunday run. As ever, organising times and meeting places between Michael, George and myself gets a bit confusing if we are not going by car even the language we use. Here is a transcript of the conversation with Michael after confirming times and places with George:

"Yes, hello Jerry"
"Just confirming that George and I will meeting at Poo Alley for 6.30 am and then run up to meet you at the Mouse Alley for 7.00 am. If we are late we will be approaching you on the Big Path by the river so you can come along towards us"
"I'll have some dry kit so can we run up Mouse Alley to the start of the ORR course to drop it in your car?"

Absolute gibberish but we understood every word of it! The secret is that over the years the three of us have traversed various hills and paths that have been coined names for the things we have found along it or is all too prevalent (Poo Alley being one where all dogs in the surrounding area seem to want to defecate!). One of my favourite places is Screaming Horse Path!!!

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