Monday, 11 July 2011

So why the bandana?

This is a question I get asked on quite a regular basis as to why I wear a Buff or a bandana and the answer is as varied as the colour and design of the two items.

I found the bandana that you will see in most of my running pictures in Canada on the Cataraqui Trail, Canada near the Indian Lake Road (between 40 and 45km markers on the map) whilst out on a training run on holiday. It was as if a gift had been dropped from the heavens because the flies in that area were horrific and biting me all over [reason 1] and since then it became part of my kit.

I also wear a backpack a lot of the time and after a good few miles the pack rubs my neck [reason 2] and as I run around in the Summer the sun beats down onto my neck and it stops me getting burnt [reason 3].

By far the most important reason, and one that proved its worth yesterday at the Croydon Ultra, is that as long as it is wet, I have had enough fluids. If it is dry then it is too late and I need to drink [reason 4] and to a lesser extent it can be used as emergency bandaging if I or another runner falls and hurts themselves [reason 5]

In summary
  1.  Stop me swallowing flying insects
  2. It saves my neck being chafed
  3. Prevents sunburn
  4. Indicates if I have drunk enough
  5. First Aid kit
Here I am sporting my yellow one as I prepare for my next Cataraqui trail run

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  1. Number 4 is interesting. Hydration is still my biggest problem - especially in the sun.