Thursday, 7 July 2011

...then I felt my feet go...

After a very heavy day stuck in front of a computer I was desperate to get out into the woods for a gentle run and just get some fresh air in my lungs. Mindful of my 30 mile road run on Sunday I chose to keep it gentle....well that was the plan!

My eldest daughter wanted to go to Southampton on Friday to view the university and required a train ticket and my credit card to purchase it. So we traipsed off to the local station to buy it and I then realised that she was walking quite fast and I has trying to keep up, if rather stiffly, this did not bode well for my run later!

Off I went, no route or plan apart from generally heading South and soon found myself in the woods enjoying the mid-evening sunshine and the sense of being away from the busy roads, not a person in sight. However, maybe I was enjoying my run a little too much when I found myself pelting along a wooden board walk which had just been doused by the afternoon's rains, the board walk took  a sharp downward slant and then I felt my feet go, the more I tried to correct myself the more the other foot slipped away, I toppled forward, my foot stepped out and then without warning my feet hit some grip and I was able to correct myself to carry on swearing under my breath.

I settled myself down and continued up the hill to see another runner pegging down towards me, I shouted a warning but about 10 seconds later I could hear him shout "Whhoooaaaa, wwwoooooo," Yes, you have got it, he had hit the slippery patch as well :-)

Good run, I feel much happier now that I have been out, all the earlier stiffness has evaporated so time to take it easy until Sunday and thankful that the earlier slip didn't cause an injury.

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