Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Think of Spaceships...

for a few minutes and move on!

After Sunday's run in Croydon I have rapidly developed a stinking cold, nothing too heavy but one where my nose is continually dripping and I am generally bunged up. After a long day in the office bashing a keyboard I really wanted to stretch my legs and against the advice of the delicious Mrs S I stepped from the door  for a short run with the club.

On arrival I was umming and arring as to which group to go with and eventually chose the slower group so that I could tease out my stiffened legs and started off with them but after about a mile I realised all was not well bidding my farewells into the adjacent woods and after another mile was quite "unwell". Cleaning up I felt a little better and carried on to finish my loop to make 5 miles to the car. I think I need to rest.

Time to think about spaceships for a few days and move on.

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