Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wet or Dry

I have moved to a new office area in my work building which now allows me the chance of a view of London, whilst sitting there this afternoon I could see an enormous black cloud loom over the city and then proceed to dump an extraordinary amount of rain. The level of the rain was such that I couldn't see the other side of the road at one point and then my mind wandered to the idea of a wet and muddy run.

With this thought in mind I rang up my buddy Duncan and I wittered on about how great it was that it was wet and did he want to go for a muddy run. Duncan, ever the gentleman, mentioned he would look out of the window and remarked about the weather.

I proceeded to walk to the station and was soaked  by the time I got there but I cared not a jot as I was going for a muddy run later. On arrival at my home station I was amazed to see that the roads were bone dry and there was not sign of any say I was disappointed would be an understatement and then it occurred to me that Duncan had remarked that there was no rain where he was! So off I went for the 25 minute walk to then find I had a smile on my face as the rain started to fall and drizzle for the next 90 minutes, I was going to get that muddy run :-)

Great run tonight, I got in 12 miles with loads of woodland and open path, I have scratched legs from low lying holly, mud in my toenails and legs that tell me we had a pacey run but have to admit that at one point the two of us were seen leaning on a 5 bar gate enjoying the scenery, you can't beat those moments.

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